Women's March participants barred from entering U.S. at Canadian border
Is this what the future will be like?
Trump's FCC chairman nominee Ajit Pai wants to end net neutrality
He wants to 'fire up the weed whacker' apparently.
White House petition demanding Donald Trump release his taxes reaches 100,000 signatures
The petitioner said, 'I want people organizing across the country to know we have a voice.'


Security experts fear Meitu, the hugely popular anime-makeover app
The company denies selling users' data.
USPS police force expands cybercrime unit to fight dark net drug dealers
The department has already helped in major FBI investigations.
Russia extends Edward Snowden's asylum, giving him a path to citizenship
Snowden will be able to apply for citizenship within a year.
This Gmail attachment scam is fooling everyone
The 'highly effective' phishing technique is even fooling experienced users.
IHOP retweets post calling Clinton campaign 'garbage,' claims it was hacked
IHOP's Twitter account is getting roasted.