Cybersecurity is the protection of information systems—ranging from vast networks and an individual computer—from hackers who would steal, surveil, or otherwise cause damage. Cybersecurity is a multibillion-dollar industry with continued big growth prospects for the foreseeable future.
Over 140 banks, government systems, and others hit by 'invisible' malware
The software is a derivation of the infamous Stuxnet worm.
How to encrypt all your data
Lock it down.
Hackers deface major pro-Trump super PAC website
Trump Hotels' website appears to be under attack
We are awaiting comment from the hotel chain.
Trump's draft cybersecurity order fails to mention FBI, election security
The president has ordered a full assessment of the nation's cybersecurity infrastructure.
6 key tips for keeping hackers out of your smart home
Smart home security is a bit more complicated than locking the front door.