Cybersecurity is the protection of information systems—ranging from vast networks and an individual computer—from hackers who would steal, surveil, or otherwise cause damage. Cybersecurity is a multibillion-dollar industry with continued big growth prospects for the foreseeable future.
Snowden denied passage to accept freedom of expression award in Norway
'Sadly, this was not entirely unexpected.'
U.S. intelligence sources point to Russian hacking far beyond DNC
'The law firms will be hacked, the insurance companies will be hacked, because that’s where all the information is.'
Senators call Yahoo's delayed disclosure of 2014 hack 'unacceptable'
The Democratic lawmakers say they were 'disturbed' by the breach announcement.
How a high school hacker stole everything from me in a matter of minutes
Imagine seeing everything you spent the last 10 years building disappear in an instant.
Donald Trump casts doubts on Russia hacking DNC, points to 400-pound bed-dweller
'The computer aspect of cyber is very tough. It’s hardly doable.'
Apple iOS 10 security flaw makes it easier for hackers to access your data
You didn't read about this in Apple's recent press release.