Craigslist is to the Internet what the classified pages are (were?) to print newspapers: It’s a website for people to sell or buy goods and services, find jobs, check out apartments, and make filthy, disgusting, personal connections. And because it largely functions as a zany virtual bazaar of assorted depravities, it often surprises and amuses. Humanity doesn’t get more human.
This dude's attempt to sell his 2002 Oldsmobile on Craigslist is honest and hilarious
You're going to get $900 worth of car.
Man on Craigslist seeks woman/writing partner who shares all of his opinions
Just in time for cuffing season...
Woman searches Craigslist for man whose 'd**k pic cured my breast cancer'
Some people come into our lives for a day, but they leave footprints in our heart forever.