Craigslist is to the Internet what the classified pages are (were?) to print newspapers: It’s a website for people to sell or buy goods and services, find jobs, check out apartments, and make filthy, disgusting, personal connections. And because it largely functions as a zany virtual bazaar of assorted depravities, it often surprises and amuses. Humanity doesn’t get more human.
Real estate brokers are now using PokéStops to sell apartments
'Community driven building that is also a POKESTOP with a lot of perks.'
Woman on Craigslist roasts ex who gave her 'breakup blender'
Hell hath no fury like a woman who receives a totally bizarre breakup gift.
Leaked DNC email reveals fake Craigslist ad planted to smear Trump
'The boss has very strict standards for female employees.'
Close Encounters of the Casual Kind: Dear God, Republicans are a horny gay bunch
The RNC is a hotbed of BDSM and hot gay butt sex.
I hired a Pokémon Go chauffeur and played in ultimate luxury
The Pokéconomy is thriving.
Close Encounters of the Casual Kind: A Pokémon Go sex craze is sweeping the internet
'Pokémon Go and Blow' is the new Netflix and Chill.