From its earliest days as an online book store, Amazon has seen a rapid boom to its role as the Web’s top retailer, selling everything from laundry detergent to furniture. Amazon’s Kindle e-reader was its first step into the consumer tech realm, where it would eventually launch many other devices including several tablets and even a smartphone. Amazon’s Prime service offers quick shipping as well as streaming video services.
Amazon will bless you with handcrafted sweets at the touch of a button (literally)
High quality indulgence just got a lot easier.
Turn your Trump rage into ACLU donations with the help of an Amazon Dash button
Trump knows how to push America's buttons. Now America can push back.
Walmart to offer free two-day shipping without a membership
The retail giant will offer free two-day shipping without a membership.
You can now place your Starbucks order with Alexa
Ordering your daily coffee fix just got even faster.
Amazon is making life miserable for people named Alexa
Will we soon have to add 'human' before our names?