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zoe lofgren

computer at a library with the tor logo on the screen Rep. Zoe Lofgren wants to know if DHS is sabotaging plans for Tor exit relays
Are authorities pressuring libraries to stop helping this global anonymity network?
picture of security camera drawn on a handwritten letter Major privacy groups push for passage of the End Warrantless Surveillance Act
Both conservative and liberal groups think this is the best way to reign in the NSA.
back door of a house bursting open with data streaming out End Warrantless Surveillance of Americans Act: Lofgren, Poe, Massie debut NSA-reform bill
Can the End Warrantless Surveillance of Americans Act do just that?
Aaron Swartz at the beach Aaron's Law, the CFAA-reform bill, returns to Congress
Will Congress finally update U.S. hacking law?
Internet Association giving award to Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who opposes net neutrality Why is the Internet Association rewarding a pro-NSA net-neutrality opponent?
This is an odd choice for a group that claims to champion the open Internet.
Ron Wyden Ron Wyden, the Internet's senator
After two decades in the Senate, privacy hawk Ron Wyden is still going strong.