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A 'gritty' Little Women reboot is a terrible idea—but not for the reason you think
Little Women was already a gritty dystopia. You just never noticed.
Vlogbrothers will start their own con in October
Do we really need another geek convention? When the Vlogbrothers are involved, the answer is always yes.
haunting of sunshine girl screencap 'The Haunting of Sunshine Girl' jumps from YouTube to the page with YA series
This YA novel is looking for a niche between R.L. Stein and Stephen King.
close-up portrait of DanRad as Harry Potter, looking grim, his face partly obscured in shadow Epic analysis of Harry Potter will change what you know about the good guys
What does it say that the Boy Who Lived has more aggressive acts under his belt than Voldemort?
Hermoine Granger, Harry Potter Your guide to the greatest heroines of young adult fiction
Anyone hating on young adult literature will have to go through these girls first.
Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird Graffiti Why Joyce Carol Oates is completely wrong about 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
The literary grande dame thinks To Kill a Mockingbird is just overrated YA. She's half-right.
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