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Wang Rong Rollin's Chick Chick Music Video Bizarre Chinese music video is like 'Gangnam Style' with chicken sounds
Even if you don't know what this video is saying, it's going to get stuck in your head.
psy and snoop Psy, YouTube, and the curse of the viral hit
At what point will our long national Psy-mare be over?
top10youtube2.png (1440×720) The 10 most influential YouTube channels of 2013
In a year of pranks and fails, these are the channels and creators that left the biggest mark on YouTube this year—and not always for the better.
bwNvjGR.png (852×466) Ylvis hijacks the radio and freaks out unsuspecting cab riders
Those looking for a more personalized radio experience probably didn’t have something like this in mind.
ylvis.jpg (1272×667) There's more to Ylvis than one viral video
By now, you probably know what the fox says. But the story of the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis doesn’t start at dingeringeding.