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77rEGPL.png (1271×719) 'The Daily Show' mocks men who feel threatened by feminism
The Daily Show is on it.
screengrab from creepers on the bridge With viral wave, 2 women in Egypt hope to crowdfund a street harassment documentary
Two intrepid filmmakers want to confront the male gaze with a full-length documentary.
Freiheit statt Angst 2013 - 07.09.2013 - Berlin - IMN_8974 How the Internet started a revolution of female whistleblowers
Speaking out about everyday sexism is just a click away.
L77fhrK.jpg (1229×922) #NotJustHello identifies a troubling trend in street harassment
A Twitter conversation sparks debate about street harassment and escalation. 
Thumbs Up on Fire A hashtag is not a movement
Does the thought really count? 
Microphone iPod Free speech means learning when to shut up
Real free speech can’t happen unless some people shut up.