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smoke How to get a phony identity with just one click
You can always be more anonymous.
new zealand eye A-list Internet activists join forces to attack New Zealand over spying
It doesn't get any bigger than this.
All sizes | Happy Republic Day | Flickr - Photo Sharing! India to launch its own NSA-style spy program
Here we go again.
top-ten-nsa-leaks.jpg (1440×720) The 10 NSA leaks you need to understand in 2013
"This is the truth; this is what's happening. You should decide whether we need to be doing this."
nsa_fists_main2.png (1300×645) Brazil, Germany present U.N. committee with anti-NSA resolution
At least 19 other nations participated in some stage of drafting the resolution.
nsa_countried_main3.png (1300×650) New Snowden slide reveals who the NSA's best friends really are
New Zealand is a bestie. Denmark's just a regular friend.