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Up Goer Five XKCD artist's new book of scientific explainers uses only the 1,000 most common words
The artist plans to explain a bunch of stuff using only the simplest English.
Book Lying in Grass What it's like to be Kate McKean, the Internet's literary agent
Kate McKean turned blogs into a publishing powerhouse. So what's next?
PHILAE comet probe esa Catch up on Rosetta, the world's first comet landing
That's one small step for a probe...
xkcd.jpg (3872×2592) Controversial, Holocaust-denying mod kicked off Reddit's 'xkcd' community
“soccer” was a conspiracy theorist who used his seniority at r/xkcd to promote subreddits like r/mensrights in the sidebar.
1kQV3TO.png (1300×600) Google has a new logo, and hardly anyone noticed
What a difference a pixel makes.
tjwCku6.jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 640 pixels) Randall Munroe's got a new book, but it's not XKCD
The xkcd artist/author/webcomic/nerdist of our hearts is taking his blog of improbable science and turning it into a book with even more improbable questions. Sweet.