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Xbox One opens up cross-network play with PlayStation and PC
Whoa, this is really happening.
illustration of a tv and a remote FCC chairman wants to unlock your cable box
Big news for your TV.
Filing shows Rocket League set to launch for Xbox One
Twitter user lifelower unearthed a filing on Taiwan's Game Software Rating Regulations Bureau that suggests Rocket League is coming to Xbox One.
Promotional illustration for Gears of War 3 You can finally play all your old Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One
The rolling release will gradually be available for all Xbox One owners effective Thursday.
Screengrab from a YouTube video. Backwards compatibility for all Xbox One owners is coming Nov. 12
A limited number of Xbox 360 games will be available at launch.
Screengrab from a YouTube video. Master Chief's 'death' hits humanity hard in the latest 'Halo 5' teaser
Humanity mourns the death of its greatest hero.