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illustration of a lizard wearing a top hat, tux, monocle and a pipe Hacker group Lizard Squad has turned against its former spokesman
Lizard Squad is turning against one of its own.
Santa with Xbox logo for head Xbox Black Friday deals open to everyone tomorrow
Early access for Gold members gave us a peek at all the best deals.
Kim Dotcom Kim Dotcom, Megaupload, and U.S. extradition: Everything you need to know
Copyright infringement, criminal conspiracy, assault rifle helicopters—oh my!
Netflix and Amazon users file landmark lawsuit over Chicago's streaming tax
The tax would impose higher fees on users of streaming services.
Screengrab from a promotional video for Xbox One. Microsoft is bringing voice messaging to the Xbox One
This simple improvement will mean a lot to Xbox gamers.
Promotional image for Titanfall All of Titanfall's map packs are now free on Xbox Live
One year after release, Titanfall is still going strong.