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Xbox Live

Screengrab from a promotional video for Xbox One.Microsoft is bringing voice messaging to the Xbox One
This simple improvement will mean a lot to Xbox gamers.
Promotional image for TitanfallAll of Titanfall's map packs are now free on Xbox Live
One year after release, Titanfall is still going strong.
Xbox controllerRacist Xbox Live rant costs police officer his job
An Xbox troll ticked off a Sheriff’s Deputy who then dug a very deep hole for himself.
Windows 10 Xbox PresentationHere's what Microsoft has planned for the future of gaming
Social integration with PCs and game streaming service will alter the Xbox landscape.
Stylized LizardTables turn as Lizard Squad's customer data is hacked
The cyberattack group responsible for the Christmas PlayStation Network and Xbox Live outage gets hacked.
Lizard in HandU.K. police allegedly arrest Lizard Squad hacker
But, strangely, not for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live attacks.
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