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In defense of 'outrage culture'
If it weren’t for the Internet, I likely wouldn’t be here today.
24.058/365- Glow | Flickr - Photo Sharing! A blogger's final post solved his own murder
Simon's blog was started to record self-improvement. Instead, it recorded his murder.
Eraser Should you have the right to remove undesirable search results from Google?
We must be able to trust the results Google gives us.
fired.jpg (1440×720) A very personal history of getting fired over a blog
Getting your foot in the door is easy. The real challenge, when it comes to the Web, is keeping that foot out of your mouth. 
All sizes | Soda Hall abacus with laptop and smartphone - closeup | Flickr - Photo Sharing! What does the open Web mean to Generation Y?
Fighting to get the open Web back sounds great. But I don’t know what that means.
xanga 15.0 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Xanga fights for its life with crowdfunding bid
For a system that thrives on change, the Internet can be oddly resistant to it.