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wrecking ball

recorders We can't stop listening to crappy song covers played on the recorder
It's not quite music, but man is it great.
RwoeMJ9.png (851×466) Do not let Ron Jeremy hit you like a 'Wrecking Ball'
You don't want to watch this. But you will.
top-ten-youtube-vids.jpg (1440×720) The top 10 must-watch YouTube videos of 2013
It was a year when viral videos made us ask what was real, and real life seemed impossible.
tcRikcw.png (PNG Image, 700 × 467 pixels) You haven't seen 'Wrecking Ball' until you've seen it on Chatroulette
Even when Steve Kardynal’s makeshift wrecking ball breaks mid-song, he gets back up again.
poty.jpg (1440×720) Rigging Time's Person of the Year poll? All in a day's twerk
Voting for Time's Person of the Year poll runs for another full week, but it looks like we may already have a winner.
imgur: the simple image sharer Blind girl from the Philippines totally redeems Miley Cyrus's 'Wrecking Ball'
She reads the lyrics through Braille as she belts out the pop hit.