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It's time to kill the PATRIOT Act
Dispensing with this bill is long overdue.
Wikipedia Logo Keychain Uptick in global bans sparks backlash from Wikipedia users
A rare 'global ban' has been used six times in the past three months.
Wikipedia Logo Keychain Wikimedia Foundation stays quiet about 2 recent—and rare—'global bans'
Notoriously transparent online encyclopedia secretive about why two editors were permanently banned.
E41Z05P.jpg (2048×1365) Jennifer Lawrence's Wikipedia page edited to include stolen nudes
Just after breaking her silence on the celebgate attacks, Lawrence falls victim again. 
macaque holding wikipedia logo Wikipedia takes a long, hard look in the mirror
Ten years in, a singular monkey and the "right to be forgotten" dominate Wikiepdia's annual conference.
wikipedia-map.png (1024×512) Major PR firms promise to play by Wikipedia's rules
Advertising giants like Ogilvy and Edelman have issued a joint statement to the skeptical Wikipedia community.