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Twitter joins CISA opposition ahead of Senate vote on the controversial cyber bill
Privacy groups say CISA provides inadequate protections for Americans' personal data.
undefined Wikimedia Foundation officially condemns 'right to be forgotten'
Wikipedia's spoiling for a brawl with the European Court of Justice.
Wikipedia globe in a keychain! | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Major Wikipedia donors accused of conflict-of-interest editing
Wikimedia Foundation says there's no way to scan activities of 2 million donors.
Wikipedia logo | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Wikipedia considering rule change to expose paid editors
Amendment would require paid Wikipedians to disclose affiliations.
wikipediasocks.jpg (1440×720) Wikimedia staffer loses job over edit-for-cash scandal
Wikipedians allege Sarah Stierch edited the crowdsourced encyclopedia on behalf of paying clients.
wikigoogle2.png (1400×700) Is Google accidentally killing Wikipedia?
For the first time in years, Wikipedia's traffic fell. Are the site's days numbered?