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Ultra Street Fighter Follow the eyes of the world's best fighting-game players
A new piece of technology lets us see what the world’s best players are looking at.
Abstract illustration of a d-pad and console controller buttonsGamers explain why they bought certain consoles last holiday season
Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo should be paying attention.
Back to the Future MuralDisappointed that 'Back to the Future Part II' promised you a hoverboard in 2015? Get over it
The future isn't quite what Michael J. Fox predicted.
Amiibo Kirby Nintendo has an Amiibo problem
How Nintendo gets gamers to buy the same thing twice.
Bayonetta_review_lead_art.jpg (1280×720)Gameplay shines in Bayonetta 2, but the game's heroine falls flat
Platinum Games gets so much right with Bayonetta 2 it's disappointing to see what the studio got wrong. 
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