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Gorilla tape and zip ties Jilted groom takes revenge on bro dating ex-fiancée by padlocking his Wii
Don't get on this guy's bad side.
Nintendo unveils the final new character for Super Smash Bros.
It's Bayonetta, and that's perfect.
Minecraft on Wii U Minecraft is coming to the Wii U on Dec. 17
The family-friendly game finally arrives on the most family-friendly console.
Xenoblade Chronicles X Xenoblade Chronicles X's sprawling adventure will satisfy fans despite shortcomings
Fans of Xenoblade will enjoy this immersive sequel.
Project M shut downs Smash Bros. mod Project M closing its doors
Will tournaments that still run Project M events continue doing so?
Sonic the Hedgehog developer wants you to play his new game on an old system
Yuji Naka pleads with fans on Twitter to play the Wii version of Rodea over Wii U and 3DS.