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WhatsApp WhatsApp now has a home on your desktop
WhatsApp has released a desktop app bringing your messages to your home computer.
Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger logos Facebook Messenger vs. WhatsApp: Which app is right for you?
Here's how the world's two leading messaging apps stack up against each other.
illustration of the white house, an iphone, the apple logo, and the fbi logo 'Crypto Wars' timeline: A history of the new encryption debate
Get up to speed on encryption with a thorough timeline of the events that brought us to this point.
viber logo with question marks surrounding it Viber just implemented end-to-end encryption, but is it secure?
Security experts are suspicious of any encryption that a company won't discuss.
WhatsApp on a phone ISIS recommends list of secure-messaging apps amid heated U.S. encryption debate
There's one major app that isn't on the list.
Hillary Clinton, Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein U.S. senators behind 'backdoor' bill repeatedly voted for encryption funding
These lawmakers were for encryption before they were against it.