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westboro baptist church

transgender kid Avery Meet the 8-year-old girl helping a progressive group crowdfund a 'Transgender House'
'I wish people weren’t afraid of transgender people.'
Man wearing Guy Fawkes mask with fingers up to ear The sad truth behind Anonymous's many wars
Think 'CSI: Cyber' meets Fox News: mostly fiction, some facts, and very high ratings.
David Bowie mural After Westboro Baptist Church attacks David Bowie, nonprofit steals its spotlight with cancer fundraiser
They're harnessing the power of a notorious group for a good cause.
illustration of kim davis Westboro Baptist Church takes aim at Kim Davis for being a 'fake Christian'
What a surprising turn of events.
The online footprint of the Lafayette shooter Lafayette shooter John Russell Houser's anger-filled online footprint
Police say it's too early to ascribe a motive to the shootings.