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zombie knives Live Knives is a sick, twisted, beautiful Twitter bot for knife commercials
Why is there a 24/7 knife infomercial channel, anyway?
A trend piece: "My x-year-old ..." has morphed into the best political meme. Suddenly everyone on Twitter has a woke toddler who hates Donald Trump
Kids say the darndest things—except when they don't.
Real polling firm asks real voters if Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer
Weird Twitter's best election meme has gone mainstream.
skeleton Please don't let the Skeletontunes Twitter account be over already
It's not even Halloween yet!
illustration of a waffle falling over An interview with the YouTuber who turns falling waffles and thrown shoes into art
'I was just eating a waffle and thought to myself, 'If this waffle stood up, it could fall over.''