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Weird Twitter

Wolf Puppy Among SkullsIn the den with @wolfpupy, Twitter's misunderstood canine cartoonist
In Twitter’s animal kingdom, there is no creature like @wolfpupy.
Book Lying in GrassWhat it's like to be Kate McKean, the Internet's literary agent
Kate McKean turned blogs into a publishing powerhouse. So what's next?
Malcolm GladwellWeird Twitter's plagiarism police have a new target: Malcolm Gladwell
Gladwell may have bigger problems than his pseudo-facts.
father and child with monitor heads on slideWhy dad humor is having a moment right now
Everyone wants in on it.
dad in blue suit talking to daughterMeet Twitter's weird and brilliant longform emoji storyteller
If a Venn diagram could map Weird Twitter and Dad Twitter, Patrick Mortensen, a.k.a. @MrBikferd, would be in the intersection.
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