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undefined Did "slutbag" finally sink the Weiner campaign?
It's going to take a lot more than a few X-rated pics to keep New York mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner from dropping out of the race. 
Anthony Weiner | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Carlos Danger may still be at large
Anthony Weiner isn't not sexting anyone right now. It's a Nixon-worthy verbal contortion.
dd_retraiction_main2.png (1300×650) Crotch-shot confession: How Anthony Weiner hacked himself
For more than a week Rep. Anthony Weiner called the appearance of a picture of his clothed penis on Twitter a "hack" or a "prank." On Monday, he admitted that he sent that picture and more.
dd_retraiction_main2.png (1300×650) Yfrog boss: We're not the Weiner hole
The CEO of ImageShack, the service that posts millions of photos daily to people’s Twitter accounts, denied Thursday that his site had a security “hole,” as reported by the Daily Dot.