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bean curd Everyone's obsessed with this hot guy selling bean curd
We'd like to get our hands on his beans. And yes, that is a euphemism.
collarbone challenge Women are putting coins on their collarbones to show off how thin they are
You might be sickly and frail, but hey—at least you no long need a change purse.
armpit hair Hairy armpits for women are making a serious comeback
Thanks to a Chinese social media campaign and Miley Cyrus, women all over the world are letting their pit hair fly free.
The Great Wall of China at Sunset China moves to ban anonymous usernames
New law prohibiting fake usernames could be hard to enforce, experts say.
Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss Statue Chinese censors target murder, ghosts, and extramarital sex
What is TV even for if not watching murder and adultery?
A portrait of Ai Weiwei. Why China wants to pay you to spread propaganda on the Internet
On Weibo, those pro-government communiques might be from paid shills. 
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