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Marco Rubio on a screen Hacker posts Marco Rubio porn on Alabama billboards
This is obviously NSFW—in more ways than one.
How a racist troll tricked Twitter into promoting white supremacy
If you don't like the smell of white supremacy in the morning, you probably shouldn't log on to Twitter.
Aaron Swartz at the beach Aaron's Law, the CFAA-reform bill, returns to Congress
Will Congress finally update U.S. hacking law?
Barrett Brown in The Hacker Wars 'The Hacker Wars' takes an adrenaline-fueled look at the world of hacktivism
"We’re gonna tell them what we want them to hear, not what they need to know."
My Trusty Gavel | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Ross Ulbricht's lawyer says FBI's hack of Silk Road was 'criminal'
"The government posits two standards of behavior: one for private citizens, and the other for the government."
red filtered andrew "weev" auernheimer sitting in a diner The fall of hacker-troll Andrew 'weev' Auernheimer
This is no longer just trolling.