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wearable tech

Wearable sensor Pentagon to launch $175 million wearable tech program
Industry, education, local governments, and the military join forces.
You change how these shoes look with a smartphone app
Soon, one pair of heels might be all you need.
Android-powered Huawei Watch is part wearable, part Bond gadget
Wearable tech meets high fashion.
couple in bed A shocking number of millennials would use wearable tech during sex
You'd think Google Glass is fugly enough to be a form of contraception in itself. But you'd be wrong.
Man holding a spindle with 2 ladies watching The 'Bionic Bra' is the smartest underwear in the world
The future is about to get a lot less bouncy.
Smart bracelets Vanilla and Chocolate This year, give the gift of high-tech jewelry
From the release of the Apple Watch to the MICA smart bracelet, 2014 was the year of the tech-infused accessory.
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