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Wearable Tech

You change how these shoes look with a smartphone app
Soon, one pair of heels might be all you need.
couple in bedA shocking number of millennials would use wearable tech during sex
You'd think Google Glass is fugly enough to be a form of contraception in itself. But you'd be wrong.
Man holding a spindle with 2 ladies watchingThe 'Bionic Bra' is the smartest underwear in the world
The future is about to get a lot less bouncy.
Smart bracelets Vanilla and ChocolateThis year, give the gift of high-tech jewelry
From the release of the Apple Watch to the MICA smart bracelet, 2014 was the year of the tech-infused accessory.
A Burning CigaretteThis anti-smoking wearable pumps you full of nicotine
The Sagentia SmartStop pumps nicotine into your system at the exact time you're having a craving.
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