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virtual reality

Microsoft HoloLens might be the future of video gaming
It's impossible to watch this demo and not want to play with HoloLens right now.
engagement-ring.jpg (1440×720) This man surprised his girlfriend with a virtual reality proposal
It might change your mind about crazy proposals.
a robot doing a sexy "come hither" pose By 2050, we'll all be having sex with robots
CNN will stream the Democratic debate in virtual reality
Virtual reality viewers will catch all the eyerolls and nose scratches that TV viewers miss.
abstract art made using the netflix logo I watched Netflix in VR—and it was surreal
The virtual living room is certainly less messy than my real one.
Screengrab from a YouTube video. Virtual-reality 'Star Wars' could unlock incredible new possibilities
ILXxLAB has paved the way to our living within a 'Star Wars' movie.