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iron Everything is OK if you do it ironically
Like, what does meaning even mean, man?
twitter bird stomping on gun emoji This organization wants Apple to ban the gun emoji
New Yorkers Against Gun Violence wants to make gun imagery Apple's problem.
Emanuel Church steeple, Charleston, S.C. All 9 Charleston shooting victims have been identified
The nine victims came from all walks of life and ranged in age from 26 to 87.
abstract pattern made with twitter birds The Charleston massacre has sparked a crucial conversation on Twitter about mental health
There's a lot of anger over the way the media is talking about the terrorist behind the Charleston shooting. And it's focused on the words 'mental illness.'
Charleston-shooting prayer vigils evacuated due to bomb threats
A tragedy somehow just got worse.
mckinney pool party model Organizer of now-infamous McKinney pool party launches a modeling career
Tatyana Rhodes is taking the 'negative attention' and turning it into...something.