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NerdCubed Logo Popular YouTuber and frequent Steam critic builds his own charitable game store
Here's a new online store raising money for charity.
Video Game Characters from Tampon Run Teenage girls behind Tampon Run release an iOS version of their game
Ending stigma, one player at a time.
arcade games Leelah Alcorn's death inspired two developers to launch a trans-centered game jam
#JamforLeelah will allow gamers to develop games inspired by Leelah's life.
Guy Surrounded By Gaming Supplies No, Facebook isn't letting you report people for being gamers
Actually, it's about ethics in roleplaying.
DADqgOF.jpg (1671×1013) Teenagers are baffled by the original Super Smash Bros.
Warning: This video is enough to make you feel ancient.
mimes wearing masks The Internet is making a mockery of Gamergate's rallying cry
In case you don't know by now: It's not about ethics in journalism.