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An illustration with five smartphones lined up next to each other, four of them black and the one in the middle red. Study shows phone metadata is much more sensitive than top spies admit
Metadata isn't as anonymous as government officials want you to believe.
Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio New Iowa poll: Republicans approve of Ted Cruz's surveillance-reform vote
Surveillance has emerged as a sleeper issue in the Republican primary, dividing popular candidates.
Marco Rubio: ISIS would have lobbied for USA Freedom Act
Despite fact-checks, Rubio continues to decry the new law.
Marco Rubio and Rand Paul debate glitch Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz duked it out over NSA surveillance at the fourth GOP debate
Congress recently reformed NSA spying, and Tuesday's GOP debate turned into a referendum on that vote.
ted cruz giving a speech with the NSA logo behind him Ted Cruz slams Marco Rubio, Chris Christie for trying to revive NSA bulk phone spying
Cruz's stance on NSA surveillance sets him apart from several of his fellow candidates.
photo of chris christie with the nsa logo behind him Chris Christie wants Congress to restore NSA metadata program
Christie is unapologetic in his support for NSA mass spying.