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Hot Pocket The 13 weirdest things people f**ked in 2014
From a carp to a Hot Pocket, we had sex with a lot of inanimate objects this year.
Pig Standing in Field The Internet is having a lot of emotions about emotional support pig
Insert your "when pigs fly" joke here.
undefined Watch the worst passenger ever get forced off a US Airways flight
Children on the plane covered their ears.
Giraffe Delta apologizes for lazy Ghana tweet
You'd think an airline would have a better grasp of geography.
 US Airways Airbus The US Airways employee who tweeted a NSFW photo won't be fired—and I'm glad
As we learned on Monday, porn found its way to @USAirways and it landed in our Twitter feeds.
usairways-troll.jpg (1440×720) US Airways actually tweeted the most NSFW photo imaginable
This social media team is in for some turbulence.