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bad package delivery8 of the worst attempts to ever hide a delivery box
Here's hoping these packages didn't contain anything valuable. 
ups store in valdosta georgiaHackers steal names, credit card numbers from 51 UPS Stores
The free credit monitoring is coming.
FedEx Truck In SnowWhat to do if your Amazon order got caught in the holiday rush
Missing a few things you ordered online? Yeah, so is everyone else.  
upvoteUpvote: This week, Reddit corrected its mistakes
A misidentified deliveryman, a misguided Internet protest, and a misfired Q&A made news.
upsFor UPS, a public-relations win on Reddit
Thanks to some crisis control from UPS rep Debbie Curtis-Magley, the shipping company quickly sidestepped a potential PR disaster.
reddit digestDaily Reddit Digest—the mass leveling of 2012
Today on Reddit, a UPS rep shows the proper way to handle a potential public relations nightmare.
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