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three people (each colored like their nationality) are arguing over an internet logo The global struggle to prevent cyberwar
What is cyberwar? Nobody knows—and that's a dangerous problem.
Obama praises social media's power to 'expose corruption' in U.N. speech
'You can control access to information, but you can’t lie about truth.'
Stylized Locks with Ones and Zeros Cybersecurity expert James Lewis praises U.S.–China cyber agreement
'They made some significant progress in doing this.'
Syrian refugee Body of another child refugee has washed ashore in Turkey
Nearly 3,000 migrants have died trying to cross the Mediterranean this year.
image of the UN flag with digital artifacts and coding blurring up the screen U.N. privacy watchdog slams anti-encryption 'Times' op-ed
He's not happy with the direction that the debate is taking.
The U.N. blasts AT&T, NSA for spying on its Internet activity
The U.S. says it's stopped, but the U.N. might not settle for that.