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youtube women create YouTube looks to empower female creators with new U.N. partnership
Two new ventures from the video giant, just in time for International Women's Day.
image of julian assange Here's what the UN's ruling on Julian Assange means
The United Nations says he shouldn't be detained. That doesn't mean he's about to go anywhere, though.
Julian Assange WikiLeaks lawyer: Britain must respect U.N. ruling on Julian Assange
He hasn't left the embassy in three-and-a-half-years
toilet This is the only app you need to celebrate World Toilet Day
Pooductive is an app meant for the toilet, but with a good cause.
Surveillance cameras in Union Jack flag Apple CEO Tim Cook, U.N. privacy rapporteur slam new U.K. spy powers
The U.N. is stepping up its oversight of government surveillance, and its privacy monitor hates what he sees.
drug bust United Nations downplays drug-policy document leaked by Richard Branson
The controversial briefing paper called for the decriminalization of all drugs.