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Death-defying vlogger shows us what it's like to surf a train
It's only the latest in Pasha Bumchik's series of stunt and prank videos.
russian flag in hashtag over ukrainian flag The clever way a blogger uncovered the location of Russia's online troll factories
You wouldn't think it would be this easy to find Putin's troll hordes on Google Maps.
No one knows who shot a Russian man taking group selfies on the Ukrainian border
As if the conflict at the border weren't already tense enough.
The dangers of naming a star 'Putin Is a D**khead'
Russian trolls have no sense of humor.
Foxy Fox with the munchies makes a sandwich in Chernobyl
This is not your local Subway.
four panel of kunis/kutcher reaction to chicken theft lawsuit Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher laugh off the chicken lawsuit on Meerkat
They don't seem too distressed about the $5K lawsuit.