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Uber Uber faces class-action lawsuit over text campaign supporting Austin ballot measure
'It is absurd to imagine that Uber paid individual, living persons...'
lyft pink mustache logo pattern Austin taxi and pedicab drivers rally against Uber, Lyft
Prop. 1 opponents try to get out the vote.
Uber and Taxi Uber reportedly plans to kill surge pricing
The company would rely on predictive data instead.
Picture of uber screen Yet another woman comes forward to report sexual harassment from an Uber driver
She was given a $30 voucher, drivers are given preventive 'coaching opportunities.'
Pattern 'Friday Night Lights' star Taylor Kitsch endorses Uber and Lyft
Let's see if this move drives their message home.
illustration of gavel Uber's class-action settlement means drivers will remain freelance
It's big win for the company's business model.