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General Iroh Bryan Konietzko drops 'Last Airbender' art for Inktober
All your favorite characters in ink form
squid goals Squad goals are over—it's time to set some squid goals
Don't mess with this calamari.
Pat Doody and his adopted kitten Biker saves badly burned kitten and takes him on a cross-country adventure
Party Cat is living a great life on the open road.
new york fashion week Social media is making Fashion Week more accessible
'Everyone has his or her particular medium. For me, it’s Instagram.'
lisa frank Nihilisa Frank blends sparkly unicorns with worldly cynicism
Still waiting for Lisa 'Fascism' Frank.
Elizabeth Bennet gives Mr. Darcy the smackdown in this rap battle remix
Face it, Darcy, you're no Kanye.