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trans-pacific partnership

Benjamins, is it all about them? Yes, yes it is. Why'd the Senate pass a bill fast-tracking the TPP? Follow the money.
There's a lot more dough behind the TPP than there is against it.
eyes_tpp.png (1300×650) Lawmakers in 9 countries line up against Trans-Pacific Partnership
Is the tide turning against the world's most controversial trade agreement?
harryreid_tpp.png (2000×1000) Senate Democrats could kill 'fast track' for controversial trade agreement
"Everyone would be well advised just to not push this right now," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
tpp-wikileaks.png (1440×720) Is WikiLeaks turning the tide against the TPP?
The controversial trade agreement has gone from inevitable to uncertain.
wikileaks_envirnment2.png (1300×650) Here's how the Trans-Pacific Partnership could affect the environment
Tensions over the environment may help explain why a dozen TPP countries haven't reached a deal yet.
J6JxsMh.png (1024×512) Everything you need to know about Copyright Week
Each day of this week will be devoted to a different reason Internet activists want to defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership.