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A Torrent Site Wants to Be the New Academic Library | Motherboard A torrent site wants to be the new academic library
A couple of U.S. academics have proposed their own way of sharing research among themselves.
Louis CK | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Louis C.K.'s 1998 directorial debut hits the Web
Who needs distributors when you've got the Internet and a million fans?
February 23, 2010 B - Movie Theatre | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Swedish man slapped with $650,000 fine for film piracy
A former torrent site moderator uploaded more than 500 films—but he's only paying for one.
projectxpirated Project X tops the list of 2012's most-pirated movies
The party flick beat out heavyweights like The Dark Knight Rises and Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol, according to stats compiled by TorrentFreak.
aiweiwei New Statesman and Ai Weiwei challenge China's "Great Firewall"
Well-known artist and dissident Ai Weiwei edited the latest issue of the magazine, which is available for free in China via file-sharing networks.
filesoup BitTorrent site Filesoup shuts down
After nine years, one of the Web’s first torrenting sites bites the dust.