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todd akin

Why old white Republicans keep mansplaining women's vaginas
This is why we need more women in Congress.
Hillary Clinton - Caricature Why sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton won't fly on the Internet
That might have worked in 2008, but 2016 is a different ballgame.
ferrera1 Social change through silly songs: Taylor Ferrera strikes a chord on YouTube
"Legitimate Rape" wasn't Taylor Ferrara's first political satire hit on YouTube—and it won't be her last. 
empty chair Akin's Empty Chair sits well with Twitter
Rep. Todd Akin canceled on the wrong talk show host at the wrong time.
Todd Akin The Morning GIF: Akin for a copy editor
Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin had some further "wrong word" problems yesterday.
ferrera YouTube right now! Taylor Ferrera, “Legitimate Rape”
Singer-songwriter Taylor Ferrera's latest track is a musical response to Rep. Todd Akin's recent controversial comments about "legitimate rape."