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Instapride MileyMiley Cyrus continues her self-reinvention with LGBT-friendly #Instapride campaign
The #Instapride campaign is part of a new initiative from her Happy Hippie Foundation.
Pharrell WilliamsWhat the backlash against 'bae' reveals about society's attitude toward black culture
Just because Miley Cyrus and Chick-fil-A are using it doesn't mean you should give it up.
4chan logo in clover4chan is trying to rig Time's Person of the Year poll—again
4chan’s merry schemers cook up a new Thanksgiving appetizer.
Beyonce wallpaperThe dark side of the Internet's Beyoncé obsession
Is the Internet's love of Beyoncé bad for everyone?
Spring BreakersEverything you've heard about millennials is wrong
Just what is a millennial, anyway?
Warona LakeWhy black women and white gay dudes need each other
We all want the same goal—to just be viewed as equal people. So why not do it together?
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