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Anita Sarkeesian with Wonder Woman mural How Anita Sarkeesian earned her spot on the Time 100 list
Sarkeesian’s courage in the face of adversity is absolutely inspirational.
10358280_241433482720259_1703262344_n.jpg (640×640) Readers blast Chicago Sun-Times for 'transphobic' editorial on Laverne Cox
"The rest of us probably just call it transphobia."
qLuwUZE.jpg (1366×764) Laverne Cox is on the cover of Time, but it's not enough
Trans women are, by far, the highest at-risk group for discrimination, murder, and suicide. One Time cover doesn't change that.
PRIDE Lecture featuring Laverne Cox Laverne Cox's Time 100 snub reinforces the erasure of transgender women
Work that makes a difference for trans people, apparently, does not matter as much as releasing catchy pop songs.
time-broken.jpg (1440×720) Your guide to the outrage over Laverne Cox's Time 100 snub
Despite having one of the highest percentages of votes in the poll, she was nowhere to be found on the list.
erikmartindog Reddit’s Erik Martin makes the "Time" 100
"Erik Martin oversees the most infectious petri dish around," claimed editor Allie Townsend for Time's annual list of influential people.