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the walking dead

Negan from The Walking Dead Who did Negan kill at the end of 'The Walking Dead' season 6?
The show's creators are staying mum, but fans are following the trail anyway.
illustration of jon snow ‘Game of Thrones’ is getting its own after show
Not-so-cleverly-titled, ‘After the Thrones.’
the walking dead negan Why 'The Walking Dead' season 6 finale was doomed to fail
The bat has been swung, and people aren't happy with the outcome.
Promotional illustration for The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale Miniseries, a cartoon-style image of Michonne brandishing h 'Walking Dead' fans will love Telltale Games' new Michonne video game miniseries
You don’t have to wait for the third big installment of the game franchise to get your next fix.
maggie glenn eugene 'Walking Dead' fans are worried about what an actor's haircut could mean for the series
It's not the first time a trip to the hair salon gave wave to speculation.