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three eyed catfish 3-eyed catfish hooked in Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal
'The Simpsons' can always predict the future.
simpsons lsd This is what happens when you marathon 'The Simpsons' on LSD
We don't condone illegal drug use, but we do condone 'Simpsons' marathons.
Simpsons Treehouse of Horror dress Exclusive first look at Living Dead Clothing's 'Simpsons' Halloween collection
This is just the first of several Living Dead Clothing lines inspired by the animated series.
arcade machines with the lgbt flag displayed on their screen 'The Simpsons' to finally acknowledge Smithers is gay
The red-hot lust of a corporate lackey for his geriatric billionaire boss cannot stay repressed for long.
Mr. Burns Trump or Mr. Burns? is exactly what it sounds likeā€”and it's glorious
Consider Homer Simpson a Donald Trump fan.