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mDbJ9Yc.jpg (JPEG Image, 3696 × 2448 pixels) Felicia Day's haircut just became headline news, thanks to sexism
If you're going to make misogynistic comments about Felicia Day's pixie cut, at least make sure you're actually talking about Felicia Day.
syfy Can SyFy create the next great viral video?
In Viral Video Showdown, which premieres tonight, teams compete on a budget to create clips worth of Internet fame. 
feliciaday Behind “The Guild”: Felicia Day discusses dysfunctional characters and geek culture
The YouTube star takes the Daily Dot behind the scenes for Season 6 of The Guild and addresses gaming culture's "growing pains."
webseries Web Series 101: Where to find the best new shows online
Think of this list as your TV Guide for the Internet. 
geeksundry Felicia Day launches Geek & Sundry, a new kind of broadcast channel
Actors used to aspire to the silver screen. Now YouTube fame can be just as desirable.