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Man with head in hands Trigger warnings aren't 'coddling' the traumatized, they're showing basic human respect
I use trigger warnings as a way of showing respect, not to coddle.
Vimeo Logo in Motion What Vimeo's network deal could mean for the future of video
Is Vimeo trying to take over the world?
black America 10 startling facts from the Atlantic's black America study
Black America would be as populous as Spain.
Spring Breakers Everything you've heard about millennials is wrong
Just what is a millennial, anyway?
Cog in the Machine The Internet has a content diversity problem
The problem is with a palpable lack of creativity—and perhaps even effort.
4ddqEzp.png (1600×884) What you don't know about the curiosity gap may change your life
That’s why the curiosity gap is so insidious: it makes us care about information that we would have had no interest in learning before.