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Screengrab of the Kernel with Instacats InstaCats makes longreads bearable by inserting pictures of cats
Make longreads much cuter with this Chrome extension.
baby sloth Everyone is trying out this baby sloth Craigslist prank
You say no to that face.
boxing Tough teen pauses fistfight so he can text his mom
Kid's never gonna live this down.
Laptop Keyboard Police questioned this dude because his Twitter bot made a 'death threat'
It's a classic tale of Bots Gone Wild.
Tumblr Text Logo Pattern Tumblr adds more text-posting features to better spotlight users' written content
Finally what you see is what you get.
Injection The best hangover cure is an IV drip in the back of a sketchy bus
If you drink like an idiot, have too much money, and aren't afraid of needles, then have we got a club for you.