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abstract art of planned parenthood logo After Texas surrender, anti-abortionist David Daleiden rejects prosecutor's plea bargain
Daleiden's videos are now considered evidence against him in court.
Planned Parenthood protest Texas grand jury indicts 2 anti-abortion activists behind Planned Parenthood videos
The grand jury also declined to file any charges against Planned Parenthood.
Steampunk goggles The Internet hates this new steampunk-themed bar
Calling all steampunk quadcycles: Steer clear of Austin.
illustration of scales Supreme Court flooded by briefs urging dismissal of Texas abortion law
The Texas law forced 26 women's health clinics to close in less than 2 years.
trevor noah open-carry 'The Daily Show' shoots down Texas's new open-carry gun law
It reminds him of another group allowed to be who they are.