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President Barack Obama speaking into a microphone. Obama administration hit with 11-state lawsuit in transgender bathroom battle
The lawsuit accused the White House of overstepping its authority.
illustration of a guy in a suit and a cowboy hat with a rainbow flag. Texas Republican Party accidentally calls most Texans gay
Maybe the Eleventh Commandment should be 'Honor thy copyeditor.'
illustration of a red supreme court building Justice Don Willett, one of Trump's top Supreme Court picks, totally hates him
One of his potential nominees called him 'Darth Trump.'
matthew king dancing Viral dancing Uber driver isn't really an Uber driver, but so what?
The moves speak for themselves.
houston road rage This vicious road rage brawl is Houston at its finest
What a waste of a full drink.
Pattern Uber and Lyft to halt operations in Austin following Prop. 1 defeat
'That shows a real lack of respect for their drivers.'