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Armed Islamophobic man following Muslim woman outside Texas mosque Anti-Islam group doxes Muslims and 'sympathizers' on Facebook
They also stand outside the local mosque and Muslims down the street with guns.
Mondo announces huge pop-culture poster sale for Black Friday
It's the first time the store is letting online buyers to participate in its coveted 'flat file' sale.
computer laptop with an image of Irving MacArthur 'Clock kid' Ahmed Mohamed demands $15M from city, school
'Ahmed Mohamed's reputation in the global community is permanently scarred.'
little boy donates to mosque Little boy donates piggy bank savings to mosque, gets a lovely surprise
Jack was just doing a good deed. And it paid off in a big way.
glitched image of a phone Prison phone company defends recording leaked attorney-inmate calls
An 'anonymous hacker' has privately leaked more than 70 million prison phone call records.
lady catches gator Woman catches huge alligator near Texas shopping center
Why is she not terrified?