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clover Clover hopes to prove newsletters are the new teen magazines
Meet the 'Sassy' magazine of 2016.
birthday cake candles Teen got so high at the dentist he forgot how old he was
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Cell Phone Tower Parents and friend of missing teenager receive messages from her alleged killer
Did Veronica Bobadilla just run away, or run afoul of a killer?
0JxRPMy.jpg (1867×1867) Dad shames his kids with dishwasher tutorial video
When teens won't listen, this dad goes on YouTube to get his point across.
facebook man holding "no" sign 7 signs you shouldn't put that on Facebook
Here's a handy guide to rising above the riff-raff online.
fire challenge Mom arrested after helping her teenage son make a 'fire challenge' video
And the Parent of the Year award goes to ...