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birthday cake candles Teen got so high at the dentist he forgot how old he was
It's always a good idea to film a child coming out of anesthesia.
Cell Phone Tower Parents and friend of missing teenager receive messages from her alleged killer
Did Veronica Bobadilla just run away, or run afoul of a killer?
0JxRPMy.jpg (1867×1867) Dad shames his kids with dishwasher tutorial video
When teens won't listen, this dad goes on YouTube to get his point across.
facebook man holding "no" sign 7 signs you shouldn't put that on Facebook
Here's a handy guide to rising above the riff-raff online.
fire challenge Mom arrested after helping her teenage son make a 'fire challenge' video
And the Parent of the Year award goes to ...
Sabina Altynbekova The Internet has a creepy crush on a teen volleyball player
When getting a real girlfriend is out of the question.