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Charlie Carver comes out 'Teen Wolf' and 'The Leftovers' actor comes out on Instagram
Actor posts coming-out letter to social media.
tyler hoechlin Tyler Hoechlin leaves the main cast of 'Teen Wolf'
With one half of Sterek leaving the show, will Teen Wolf's ratings suffer?
million dollar mazerunner 'Million Dollar Maze Runner' makes teams battle their way out of a maze-like prison
How do you promote a traumatizing post-apocalyptic teen action movie? Apparently, with reality TV. 
10520354_672255202867429_1740516989_n.jpg (640×640) 'Teen Wolf' inflames discontent among Sterek fans at Comic-Con
Amid the positive news and a Season 5 renewal announcement, Teen Wolf​ continued to alienate Sterek fans.
k3pQMIt.jpg (764×534) Some 'Teen Wolf' conventions are banning Sterek-related materials
Man, Sterek fans just can't catch a break.