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team liquid

IWillDominate playing League IWillDominate reaches out to Imagine about Moon as potential understudy
The team is scouting junglers as IWillDominate plans to move to a coaching role at season's end.
Cloud9 hai and jack hug Cloud9 completes Cinderella run, qualifies for Riot World Championship
This isn't a dream. Cloud9 is going to Worlds.
MVP Black at MSI MGA Korea wins first major international Heroes of the Storm tournament
The first big international Heroes of the Storm event ends with a surprise winner.
Infernal Shrine art The first international Heroes of the Storm tournament begins today
The best teams from four regions are headed to Seattle.
Team Liquid Heroes Team Liquid win second qualifier for European Heroes of the Storm championship
After faltering in the first qualifier, Europe's favorites take the title.
Sangam Stadium Riot World Champs 2014 How this week's League of Legends finals set the stage for Worlds
The top League of Legends leagues in four regions worldwide will reach their conclusions this week.
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