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TSM CS TSM dominate Team Liquid as NiP upset EnVyUs at FACEIT CS:GO League Stage 3 finals
The FACEIT Counter-Strike: Global Offensive finals are off to a crazy start.
Cloud9 at Worlds woo Cloud9, Team Liquid invited to IEM Cologne after winning fan vote
Cloud9 and Team Liquid's new lineups will be put to the test in Cologne.
Cloud9 CS Cloud9 take iBUYPOWER Invitational as Liquid qualify for IEM San Jose
Cloud9 reasserted their dominance over North American Counter-Strike.
Locodoco joins Team Liquid Locodoco joins Team Liquid—but not as a coach
The former Team SoloMid coach will move to content creation as an on-camera personality for a rival team.
Liquid Elky Poker star and StarCraft legend ElkY signs with Team Liquid for Hearthstone
An esports pioneer is returning to competition.
Team Liquid reveals pickup of Smoothie with campy spoof video
It's official: Smoothie will replace Xpecial on Team Liquid.