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Goldenglue Froggen, kfo, and Hard will not play for Echo Fox today
Echo Fox will play in the LCS today, subbing in three Challenger players.
Fenix Head Down Dardoch and Matt will start for Team Liquid today
Liquid is changing up their LCS roster after yesterday's match, and their subs need to bring their A-game.
Duran brothers The DurĂ¡n brothers leave Liquid's Heroes of the Storm team
The team had just been rebuilt around them.
North American LCS Every North American LCS team, and how they should stack up this season
Times are changing in the North American LCS, here's how things should play out this split.
Team Liquid Piglet, IWD, Fenix Team Liquid completes 10-man roster, will use Academy team as active subs
Here's how Liquid is filling out its unorthodox roster.
Locodoco Team Liquid promotes Locodoco to head coach, will use 10-man roster in 2016
The team will implement an experimental 10 man roster approach with Locodoco at the helm.