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baby chimpAdorable, unwanted baby chimp gets a new mom
Baby Keeva gets a happy ending after all.
Monkey Sitting on WallListen to Floridians freak out and call 911 about an AWOL monkey
Tampa's 911 operators have to put up with serious monkey business.
crime scene police tapeTwitter attacks mainstream media for underreporting 2 Florida murders
Twitter is fighting to preserve the memory of Angelia Mangum and Tjhisha Ball, two teenage girls brutally murdered in Florida last week.
4c70c3301bc711e3b41b22000a1f9a15_7.jpg (JPEG Image, 612 × 612 pixels)Florida woman takes Instagram selfie while dangling baby over balcony
"I can do what I want with my baby. Nobody can stop me," claimed Aisha Jean Clark.
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