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super bowl

jessica williams beyonce Jessica Williams takes Rudy Giuliani to task for saying Beyoncé wasn't 'wholesome' at the Super Bowl
‘You know what’s right in the middle of America? Ferguson, Missouri.’
Beyonce Screengrab via Online Trending Youtube Super Bowl: Tweets by the millions
Some of the most talked about #SB50 moments had nothing to do with the game.
Eli Manning sad face Eli Manning's sad reaction to Peyton's success is priceless
It was a moment ripe for memes.
Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted a horrible, blurry photo and the Internet won't let him forget it
The Apple CEO's smartphone had a rough time capturing the moment.
Super Bowl I Believe In Love Coldplay, Beyoncé accused of gay propaganda in last night's Super Bowl halftime show
The rainbows are coming! The rainbows are coming!
twitter birds trading places at a football game Woman swaps bodies with Peyton Manning at Super Bowl, livetweets
It's 'Freaky Friday' meets the NFL, and it's epic.